Free paleo recipe cookbook

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Paleo stuffed chicken breasts

Paleo stuffed chicken breasts

4 chicken breasts pounded out thin . Seasoned with pepper salt and garlic.

8 slices of bacon

1/2 cup Paleo alfredo sauce


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees

saute spinach with garlic . until wilted.
Stir in paleo alfredo sauce
Lay the chicken breasts out on a clean flat surface
spoon your spinach mixture onto each one. Roll up chicken to enclose the spinach mix.
wrap each chicken breast with two slices of bacon.
Secure with toothpicks
Bake uncovered for 35 minutes in the preheated oven, then use broiler for about 5 minutes to brown bacon.


Christmas spirit

I have often heard the term ” the spirit of christmas” . It was not until just recently I have figured out what this phrase truly means. My husband didn’t have his first American style christmas until he was 27 years old and we were newlyweds. In his country(japan) christmas is not treated the way it is here in the usa. It is celebrated but it is not nearly as looked forward nor is it an elaborate holiday like it is here in the USA.My heart dropped when he told me that all of his christmases in the usa were spent alone in his studio apartment with fast foodbecause all of his college friends were home for the holiday. He said it didn’t bother him a bit because what he loved was the spirit of christmas. He never felt like he was missing out on anything.
I made our first christmas together a major deal . a huge tree, lots of presents for him, an amazing dinner. He certainly appreciated it but when I asked he said his favorite part was still going to the mall to soak up the christmas spirit.I spent a lot of time thinkig of what he meant by his statement. So I decided for once I would simply try to find the spirit of christmas. No rushing around no worrying about buying anything . Just enjoying the Cold weather and the company of my new husband
. We went to downtown St.Louis where they always have carriage rides and hot chocolate vendors and all the trees lining the sidewalks are lit with neon lights. We walked a bit until we stopped in the center where there were about 10 or so solidly lit trees and a huge one in the center with all different colors.Just a few feet away were about 6 people huddled together wearing layers and layers of clothes. They were certainly homeless. Homeless during the holidays . How hard must that be? It was then I saw a well dressed man hand over a few bills to one of the people. Then another person reached into their wallet and did the same . then another! Before too long each person sitting there had something he or she desperatly needed. That is what the christmas spirit is. It is the moment when you stop thinking of yourself and the glitz that christmas brings and you think of other people. Whether it be your family and friends or complete strangers. Tomorow I will make an effort to do a kind act for a complete stranger. Afterall, it was complete strangers who taught me the true meaning of this holiday in December.

It will get better

I have spent my entire adult life overweight. My weight was about 220 pounds at my largest.
I know a lot of the reasons for my weight issues and overeating stem from really traumatic childhood events. I would have to eat food quickly before it got dirty. I spent about a year in a truly infested home.
I think another reason for my sudden blow up was I remember the guy who was sexually abusing me from the time I was age 12 to about 14 told me I was fat and disgusting one day. I was 120 lbs and 5’2. and developing into an adult body I remember thinking maybe he will leave me alone I didn’t pay too much attention to the scales going up.
Well, I am a grown up now and he is thousands of miles away. I live an easy life thanks to my husband. I don’t have to worry about food becoming tainted or someone hurting me anymore. So why is it this is still an issue? Why is it mentally I cant just have a cheat day like other people? Why do i keep messing up. I know its a process and I am about 90 percent paleo as we speak and thus far down 40 pounds this year alone. I hope I do not fail. I want this. I want to live a long happy healthy life. I want to relive the childhood I never had with my own kids.