Paleo ,primal iced coffee

There is nothing better on this earth to me than a tall iced coffee from starbucks with whip and chocolate syrup. I came up with a recipe for my own iced “frapp” drink. And it is just as good as coffee house coffee and has benefits that most dessert coffees do not .

1 cup cold coffee
1/2 a cup of coconut water or it can be used to make your coffee. Yes, you can use coconut water in your coffee maker.
1 cup ice
Unsweetened cocoa powder and unsweetened coconut shavings to top
Splash of almond milk

Blend together coffee, coconut water,almond milk and ice. For about a minute if you like more froth blend longer. I prefer a lot of froth in mine. Sprinkle your cocoa powder and coconut Shavings on top .



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