Let’s talk almond milk!

I love coffee… I mean really love coffee. It is the first thing I think of when I wake up (sorry, husband). I am having a hard time adjusting to living without dairy. It was a huge part of my daily meals. I tries my coffe with so delicious coconut milk . It was… Horrible. I tried it with almond milk it was amazing. However, this is the ingredient list


Sooo I decided to make my own creamer .
What you need:

*1 cup Almonds that have been submerged in water overnight
* pure water
* 2 dates

Directions :
1) strain the soaked almonds. pour into a blender.

2) add 1-2 cups of pure water . Depending on how thick you want your creamer.

3) add the dates and blend! Try to blend for at least a full minute.

4) pour contents of blender into a strainer or nut bag. If you like the idea of a little pulp which I quite enjoy . A strainer will work fine. If not, a nut bag is the way to go. It can take a few hours but it is worth the wait!




The best part of this creamer! It is a sweetner as well


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