Inspiration comes in all sizes

I am on day two of my ” primal” lifestyle 21 day trial. I have to admit for some reason I am really really tired. To the point all I think about is sleep. I am commited to this and decided to hit the gym for a bit rather than fall onto the couch and vegetate in front of star trek TNG for three hours.
So I got to the gym and I noticed two kids on the track one about 16 one about 5 the 16 year old seemed to be an average sizs but his little brother was obviously obese. As I was lacing up my shoes. I heard the older brother say ” listen, you can do this ” the littler of the two nodded then started to run. Not very fast and he had to stop often to catch his breath or to watch the men who were playing basketball just below.
When he finally made it back to his starting point his mom started clapping and he said ” soon they won’t maks fun of me in gym class anymore” . I wish everyone could have saw his sweet little face light up with pride.
I have always been afraid of running and wondering what people will think of me . I stood there less than 15 minutes but learned a lifetimes worth of lessons they were as follows:

There is nothing in the world we cant do if we want it bad enough.

It doesn’t matter how other people see us . All that matters is how we see ourselves.

Sometimes all we need is a couple pf words of motivation.

No matter how hard it is to start something the reward in the end is worth it.

I hope to see that little boy again. Running that track getting faster and stronger and healthier. Maybe he will inadvertently teach me a few more lessons in life. I think tomorow I will do my first run in public.



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