Paleo ,primal iced coffee

There is nothing better on this earth to me than a tall iced coffee from starbucks with whip and chocolate syrup. I came up with a recipe for my own iced “frapp” drink. And it is just as good as coffee house coffee and has benefits that most dessert coffees do not .

1 cup cold coffee
1/2 a cup of coconut water or it can be used to make your coffee. Yes, you can use coconut water in your coffee maker.
1 cup ice
Unsweetened cocoa powder and unsweetened coconut shavings to top
Splash of almond milk

Blend together coffee, coconut water,almond milk and ice. For about a minute if you like more froth blend longer. I prefer a lot of froth in mine. Sprinkle your cocoa powder and coconut Shavings on top .



Paleo alfredo

1 head of cauliflower, chopped and cored
2 Tbsp. olive oil
Chopped onion (as much or little as you like)
1 cup organic free range chicken broth
1/4 cup coconut milk unsweetened
4 strips cooked bacon (optional)
1. Steam cauliflower make it as soft as possible
2. heat olive oil over medium low heat Add onion and saute for a few minutes until soft. Add your broth
3. Add cauliflower onion and broth, bacon mixture to a blender. Blend until smooth if too thick add more coconut milk as needed.





I will never cheat another full day. I feel awful. My head hurts, I am tired, unmotivated and My skin even feels dirty. It simply is not worth the exchange.
Eat healthy, feel better! It really is true and after a few days it is easy and even enjoyable. I am cooking more and in doing so my whole family is eating more healthy and filling foods. Husband won’t go paleo but he is eating better because I am. It is amazing just by being near someone you can help them to develope healthier habits.

Let’s talk almond milk!

I love coffee… I mean really love coffee. It is the first thing I think of when I wake up (sorry, husband). I am having a hard time adjusting to living without dairy. It was a huge part of my daily meals. I tries my coffe with so delicious coconut milk . It was… Horrible. I tried it with almond milk it was amazing. However, this is the ingredient list


Sooo I decided to make my own creamer .
What you need:

*1 cup Almonds that have been submerged in water overnight
* pure water
* 2 dates

Directions :
1) strain the soaked almonds. pour into a blender.

2) add 1-2 cups of pure water . Depending on how thick you want your creamer.

3) add the dates and blend! Try to blend for at least a full minute.

4) pour contents of blender into a strainer or nut bag. If you like the idea of a little pulp which I quite enjoy . A strainer will work fine. If not, a nut bag is the way to go. It can take a few hours but it is worth the wait!




The best part of this creamer! It is a sweetner as well

Energy smoothie woot woot

Today was not such a good day on this primal journey of mine. Not only did I skip the gym( I did drive there but was too exhausted to enter) but I over fruited. I supposed it is significantly better than the way I used to eat but it is still a bit of a bummer. I came home and made a primal smoothie it kept me awake AND kept me full.

You will need
A blender
2 TBS avocado
Fresh mint
One cup cold coffee
One frozen banana
1/4 or 1/2 cup of ice
Unsweetend cocoa powder




Inspiration comes in all sizes

I am on day two of my ” primal” lifestyle 21 day trial. I have to admit for some reason I am really really tired. To the point all I think about is sleep. I am commited to this and decided to hit the gym for a bit rather than fall onto the couch and vegetate in front of star trek TNG for three hours.
So I got to the gym and I noticed two kids on the track one about 16 one about 5 the 16 year old seemed to be an average sizs but his little brother was obviously obese. As I was lacing up my shoes. I heard the older brother say ” listen, you can do this ” the littler of the two nodded then started to run. Not very fast and he had to stop often to catch his breath or to watch the men who were playing basketball just below.
When he finally made it back to his starting point his mom started clapping and he said ” soon they won’t maks fun of me in gym class anymore” . I wish everyone could have saw his sweet little face light up with pride.
I have always been afraid of running and wondering what people will think of me . I stood there less than 15 minutes but learned a lifetimes worth of lessons they were as follows:

There is nothing in the world we cant do if we want it bad enough.

It doesn’t matter how other people see us . All that matters is how we see ourselves.

Sometimes all we need is a couple pf words of motivation.

No matter how hard it is to start something the reward in the end is worth it.

I hope to see that little boy again. Running that track getting faster and stronger and healthier. Maybe he will inadvertently teach me a few more lessons in life. I think tomorow I will do my first run in public.